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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Star Apple (Nakshatra Nerale) Raitha (Mosaru Gojju)

20 - 25 Star Apples / Nakshatra Nerale
1 medium sized Onion
2 cups Curd / Yogurt
1 cup Milk
1 - 2 Green Chillies
4 - 5 strands of Coriander leaves
Small piece of Ginger
3 - 4 flakes of Garlic
Pinch of Asafetida powder
1 tsp Mustard seeds
4 - 5 Curry leaves
Salt to taste
1-2 tsp Oil


Cut each star fruit, remove the seeds and chop them into small pieces as shown in the picture below. Chop the onion, coriander leaves, ginger into small pieces as shown in the picture below.

Put this chopped ingredients in a vessel, add curd, milk, salt and mix them well. Mash the green chillies and mix them well. Remove the outer cover of garlic and mash them. Put the mashed garlic, oil in a pan and fry them in medium flame until they turn light golden in color. Add mustard seeds and once it starts spluttering, add pinch of asafetida powder, curry leaves and keep this for few seconds and add it to Raitha. Mix well before serving. It goes well with rice or any rice items like Pulao, Bisi Bele Bath, etc.


Vidya said...

Pictures are awesome!!! said...

No idea about the fruit, but looks very delicious...

Padmajha said...

Hi,this is the first time I am seeing these fruits. I got them here and prepared this raita.HAve posted in my blog.Thanks for the recipe :)

Madhuravagi madhura said...