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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maddur Vada

2 cups Rice flour
3/4 cup Semolina / Bombay Rava / Sanna Sajjige
1/2 cup All Purpose flour
6 - 7 Green Chillies
1 - 2 medium sized Onion
15 - 20 Curry leaves
3/4 - 1 tsp Chilly powder
Big pinch of Asafoetida powder
1/3 cup of crushed roasted Peanuts

Dry roast the semolina in medium high flame for about 5 mins until it starts giving nice aroma. Keep it aside for about 30 mins.

Chop green chillies, curry leaves and onion into small pieces as shown in the picture below.

Add roasted semolina, rice flour, all purpose flour, salt, chilly powder, crushed roasted peanuts and asafoetida powder in a vessel. Add 2-3 tsp hot oil and mix them well. Add chopped green chillies, curry leaves, onion and mix them well by adding sufficient amount of water. Don't make the dough too thin.

Take one thick plastic sheet, put 1 tsp of oil and spread it over the sheet. Take little amount of dough and make a lemon sized ball as shown in the picture below.

Pat it over the sheet as shown in the picture below.

Keep oil in a thick bottomed vessel and heat it. Take each patted Maddur Vada and slowly drop it into oil. Fry both the sides of Maddur Vada till it turns light golden in colour.

Serve hot along with coconut chutney. The above mentioned ingredients will serve around 15 Maddur Vadas.

Kanchu Sattu Tambli

2 pieces of preserved ripen raw Grapefruit / Kanchu Sattu
3/4 - 1 cup Grated Coconut
2 Red Chillies
1.5 - 2 cups Buttermilk / Majjige / Curd / Yogurt
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
3 - 4 Garlic pods
2 - 3 Curry leaves
1 tsp Oil

Put 1/2 tsp oil and red chillies in a pan and fry them for about 1 min in medium flame.

Grind fried red chillies, preserved grapefruit and coconut in a mixer into smooth paste by adding sufficient amount of water. (If it is frozen coconut, use hot water while grinding.) Add this ground coconut to a vessel. Add buttermilk, salt to the same vessel and bring it to boil. (If it is yogurt/curd, put it in a mixer for few seconds before adding it to tambli.)

Remove the outer cover of garlic pods and mash them. Put this mashed garlic in a pan, add 2 tsp oil and heat. Fry this in medium flame until they turn light golden in color. Add mustard seeds and fry. As soon as it starts spluttering, add curry leaves and then add it to tambli. It goes well with rice.

Note: To preserve the grapefruits, wash and keep them aside.(Use ripen raw Grapefruits(Kanchu Huli).) Remove the water content from each grapefruit using a clean cotton cloth. Cut them into medium sized pieces and remove the seeds. Put the cut grapefruits and salt(Use around 1/2 cup of salt for 1.5 cups of Grapefruit pieces) in a porcelain or glass jar. Start using this after 15 days once they become soft. This can be preserved for 3-4 years.