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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mango Icecream

5 medium sized Mangoes
2.5 Liters (15 cups) Milk
1.5 - 2 tsp Custard powder
10 cups Sugar


Remove the outer skin of each mango and remove the pulp as shown in the picture below.

Put milk, custard powder in a vessel and mix well. Add sugar and bring it to boil. Keep this in low flame and stir it continuously for about 15-20 mins. Keep it aside for about one hour till it comes to room temperature.

Put mango pulp, required amount of the above prepared milk in a mixer and grind them to smooth paste. Add this to the remaining prepared milk and mix them well.

Put them together in a mixer and grind them for few seconds. Pour this content in a box.

Put the lid and keep it in a freezer for about 3-4 hrs. Put it again in a mixer and grind it for about 1 min. Pour the content to the same box and place it in a freezer for next 5-6 hrs. (This step can be avoided if you like crunchy icecream)