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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dry Gulab Jamoon

2 cups MTR Gulab Jamoon Mix
4 tsp broken Cashew nuts
12 - 15 Almonds
12 - 15 Pistacho
4 - 5 Cardamoms (3 cardamoms for powder + 2 cardamoms for sugar syrup)
1/4 cup grated dried Coconut / Kobbari
1 tsp MTR Badam Milk powder
4 - 5 tsp powdered Sugar
3 cups Sugar
Ghee / Oil for frying

Scratch and remove the outer thin cover of almonds and pistachio. Remove the outer cover of cardamom (2 - 3 cardamoms).

Crush the nuts and cardamom together in a mixer for about one min as shown in the picture below. Add powdered sugar, badam milk powder, grated dried coconut and mix well.

Put gulab jamoon mix in a vessel and mix. Knead the dough by adding sufficient amount of water. Keep it aside for about 10 - 15 mins.

Put 3 cups of sugar, around 1 cup of water in a vessel and make sugar syrup. (Carefully dip the tip of your index finger into the syrup, touch your finger and thumb together and slowly tease apart. If a thread is formed between your finger and thumb the syrup is done.) Add cardamom powder, mix well and switch off the flame.

Make small round balls from the prepared dough as shown in the picture below.

Keep oil/ghee(Use fresh oil or ghee) in a thick bottomed vessel and heat it. Deep fry this round balls in medium/low flame until they turn golden in color.

Put them in a kitchen paper towel to absorb the oil content for about 2 - 3 mins.
Put this deep fried gulab jamoons in hot sugar syrup.

Keep them aside for about 10 mins. After that bring them to boil and switch off the flame.
Remove the gulab jammons from sugar syrup, roll them in crushed nuts and keep them aside. Once they are cooled to room temperature, store them in an airtight container. The above mentioned ingredients will serve around 50 dry gulab jamoons.

Sweet Corn Kosambari

2 cups of Sweet Corn Kernels
1/4 cup grated Carrot
2 - 3 tsp grated Coconut
Salt to taste
2 - 3 Coriander leaves
1 - 2 Green Chilly
2 - 3 Curry leaves
1 tsp Mustard seeds
Pinch of Asafetida powder
1/4 - 1/2 tsp Lemon juice
1 tsp Oil

Remove the kernels from the sweet corn and keep it aside. Grate the carrot, chop the coriander leaves into small pieces as shown in the picture below.

Put sweet corn kernels, grated coconut, grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves in a vessel. Add salt, lemon juice, mash the green chilly and mix them well.
Put mustard seeds and oil in a pan. Once it starts spluttering, add asafetida powder, keep it for few seconds. Add curry leaves and then add it to kosambari. Mix them well before serving. It goes well with Rice.