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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Avarekalu Enne Rotti


2 cups Rice flour/ Akki hudi

1 cup Flat Bean seeds / Avarekalu

6-7 Green Chillies

1/2 medium sized Onion

4-5 Coriander leaves

10-15 Curry leaves

Pinch of Asafetida powder

1-1.25 cups Curd

Salt to taste



Put flat bean seeds in a pressure cooker container and cook them by adding little amount of salt and water. (2-3 whistles)

Chop coriander leaves, green chillies, curry leaves and onion into small pieces as shown in the picture below. 

Add all these chopped ingredients, cooked flat bean seeds, salt, asafetida powder, rice flour in a vessel and mix them well. Add curd and mix. Add sufficient amount water and mix them well. Don't make the dough too thin.

Take one thick plastic sheet, put 1 tsp of oil and spread it over the sheet. Take little amount of dough and pat it over the sheet to a medium thin round. Make one small hole in the middle as shown in the picture below.

Keep oil in a thick bottomed vessel and heat it. Take each enne rotti and slowly drop it into oil. Fry both the sides of enne rotti for about 1 min.

Serve hot along with salted butter or any curry. The above mentioned ingredients will serve 15-18 Avarekalu Enne Rottis.

Hagalakayi Majjige Huli / Bitter Gourd Coconut Buttermilk Gravy

1 large Bitter Gourd / Hagalakayi
Grape sized Tamarind
7 - 8 Green Chillies
Pinch of Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Chilly powder
Lemon sized Jaggary
1 - 1.5 cup grated Coconut
1/2 cup fresh Buttermilk / Yogurt /Curd
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 Red Chilly
1 tsp Oil

Cut bitter gourd into medium thin round pieces and remove the seeds as shown in the picture below. Cut 5 green chillies into two pieces as shown in the picture below.

Put tamarind in a bowl and add little amount of water. Squeeze it and keep it aside.
Put only bitter gourd pieces in a vessel containing salted water for about 1 hr. Squeeze all the bitter gourd pieces and put them in a vessel. Add chopped green chillies, turmeric powder, chilly powder, salt, tamarind water, jaggary, little amount of water and bring them to boil. Cook them in medium/low flame for about 30 mins until almost all the water content gets evaporated.

Grind grated coconut and two green chillies into smooth paste by adding sufficient amount of water. (If it is frozen coconut use hot water while grinding.) Add this ground coconut to the vessel containing cooked bitter gourd and mix them well. Add buttermilk to the same vessel, mix them well and bring them to boil. (If it is yogurt/curd put it in a mixer for few seconds before adding it to majjige huli.)
Add mustard seeds, red chilly and oil in a pan. Once it starts spluttering, add it to majjige huli. It goes well with rice.

Badanekayi Sihi Gojju / Brinjal Gojju(Sweet Version)

1 large American Eggplant or 2 medium sized Eggplant(Gulla) /  Brinjal / Badanekayi
2 - 3 Green Chillies
Grape sized Tamarind
Large lemon sized Jaggary
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
Pinch of Asafoetida powder
5 - 6 Curry leaves
2 tsp Oil

Apply 1 tsp oil over the eggplant. Prick the eggplant with a fork/knife, so it won't burst in the oven. Put one aluminium foil over the oven tray and place the oil applied eggplant in a tray as shown in the picture below. Cook this eggplant in the oven for about 30-45 mins in 500-600 degree F. (You can also use gas flame / hot charcoal for cooking this eggplant)
Put tamarind in a bowl and add little amount of water. Squeeze it and keep it aside. Grate the jaggary and keep it aside.
Remove the outer skin of eggplant and chop it into small pieces as shown in the picture below.

Put this chopped eggplant, tamarind water, grated jaggary, salt in a vessel. Mash green chillies, add required amount of water and mix them well.
Put mustard seeds and oil in a pan. Once it starts spluttering, add asafoetida powder and keep it for few seconds. Add curry leaves and then add it to Gojju. Mix well before serving. It goes well with rice.