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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ubbu Rotti

2 cups Boiled Rice/Brown Rice/ Kucchulakki (I use BVK brand)
1/4 cup White Rice (I use Sona Masuri / Broken Steam rice)
Salt to taste
20 - 25 Banana leaves

Soak white rice and boiled rice together in warm water for about 8-10 hrs. Grind soaked rice into smooth dough by adding little amount of water. If water content is in excess either add little amount of rice flour or keep it in a stove and stir it in medium flame till the water content gets evaporated.
Take one banana leaf and place it over the flat wooden plate. Take handful of dough, make round ball shape and place it over the banana leaf as shown in the picture below.
Place another banana leaf over the ball as shown in the picture below.
Press this ball into medium thin round shaped rotti using any flat hard material as shown in the picture below. Make sure that the rotti does not contain any holes in it.
Heat the Tava(Made using clay) and place the rotti along with both the banana leaves. Cook both sides of rotti by frequently alternating the sides.

After 2-3 mins remove the banana leaves and cook both the sides of the rotti as shown in the picture below.
Once it starts puffing up, remove the rotti from the Tava and place it over the charcoal or high gas flame as shown in the picture below.

Serve hot along with Basale Bendi, Basale Sambar, Basale Kutu, Suvarnagadde Bendi, Hesaru Kaalu Khara Bendi or any other curry. The above mentioned ingredients will serve 8-10 Rottis.

Note: Those who are using Gas stove and can't grind the batter thick as shown in the above recipe can follow the following recipe:
Soak equal amount of white and boiled rice in water for about 6-8 hrs. Grind them into smooth paste by adding required amount of water. Transfer this to a heavy bottomed vessel and heat.

Stir this mixture continuously until it is solid enough to make balls.

Follow the same steps as specified above and cook the Rottis in gas flame and puff it in high flame just like Pulkas as shown in the pictures below.