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Saturday, February 13, 2010


10 cups Milk
3-4 tsp Lemon Juice
15-20 Ice Cubes
1-1.5 cups Sugar
1 Cardamom / Elakki / Elachi
5-6 cups of Water
Cut the lemon, squeeze it and keep the fresh lemon juice aside.

Put milk in a heavy bottomed vessel and bring it to boil.

Add the lemon juice slowly and mix them well. The milk starts curdling. Once the water is separated, add the ice cubes and switch off the flame.

Transfer this to a clean cotton cloth and squeeze it gently. Hang this for about 1 hr to drain the remaining water content. (Note: If still there is extra water content, rub the cotton cloth using a kitchen paper towel.) Remove the cheese from the cotton cloth and kneed.

Take small lemon sized cheese, make a round ball and flatten it little bit as shown in the picture below.

Put 5 cups of water, 1.5 cups sugar, mashed cardamom in a pressure cooker and bring them to boil. Transfer these flattened cheese balls slowly to the pressure cooker and cook.(1 whistle)

After 5 mins, keep the pressure cooker under the cold tap water until the pressure goes off. Remove the lid and transfer the rasgullas carefully to another bowl. Add the required amount of sugar water and keep it aside.

Once they are cooled to room temperature, refrigerate and serve chilled. This can be used to prepare Rasmalai.


kamalabhoopathy said...

Lovely presentation

kitchen queen said...

the rosgulla looks yum and it is my hot favourite.

Padma Gopinath said...

wowww.. Yummy

Unknown said...

Thank u so much veni.I love Rasgulla .Before I have tried in some other methods, the result was not good.This is perfect.

kavi said...

its so nice

prathibha said...

hey i am prathibha i tried rasagulla but it did't came correctly. i have followed ur recipe correctly but i did't kept the cheese in cotton cloth for one hour i just kept it for only half an hour. that's only i did the mistake.