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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pulinkote / Roasted Tamarind Seeds

1/2 cup raw Tamarind seeds / Hasi Hunase Hannina Beeja

Remove the tamarind seeds from tamarind fruit, wash them and put them in a tissue paper to dry.

Dry roast the raw tamarind seeds in a pan for about 15-20 mins in medium high flame until it starts spluttering.

Once they are cooled to room temperature, remove the outer cover and enjoy! This can be preserved in an airtight container.
This is the real test for teeth as it is very hard and crunchy.


Unknown said...

Can't believe there could be a recipe for Pulinkote!!! Well now I know. Thanks for reminding a long lost delicacy.
- BBN.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you!

I love tamarind, and can't bear to throw away the seeds because they're so pretty.

I'm glad to know these are edible - will try them!


Krishnaveni said...


Fried Tamarind seeds wont be bitter. It tastes good.

Unknown said...

Best way to remove shell after frying?

Unknown said...

I found that if you put the seeds in soil for a while the seed coating becomes softer and can be peeled off leaving the seed, though i haven’t eaten any yet and am not sure if they have to be cooked and some have even started to sprout roots!