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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Tukkudi / Shankarapole

1 cup All purpose flour/Plain flour/Maida hudi
1/4 cup Wheat flour/Godhi hudi
1 - 2 tsp Rice flour
1/2 tsp Sesame seeds / Ellu (White Sesame seeds preferred)
3 - 4 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Chilly Powder
Salt to taste

Put sugar, salt, chilly powder in a vessel. Add little amount of water and mix well. Add rice flour, all purpose flour, wheat flour. Put 2-3 tsp oil in a pan and heat it. Pour this heated oil to the flour and mix well. Knead the dough by adding sufficient amount of water.
Take little amount of dough and make a round ball. Roll the ball like chapathi as shown in the picture below by using sufficient amount of rice flour. (Don't make the chapathi too thin.)
Cut the rolled chapathi into medium sized diamond shaped pieces. Separate each pieces and place it in a plate.

Keep oil in a thick bottomed vessel and heat it. Put thukkudi pieces in oil and deep fry until it turns golden in color.

When they are cooled to room temperature, keep them in an airtight container. Serve along with coffee or tea.


Latha K P said...

OMG!!! Surprise surprise!!! I found U… :)
Was surfing net and accidentally got ur site. Looks like you are on cooking spree …
You have a wonderful spread here hidden & I didn’t know about it
Will definitely study and try, off course will comeback to you with comments….
BTW liked the idea of using Al foil for cooking roiti Good job.
- I'm your Senior Latha(not Shree);)

Krishnaveni said...

Hi Latha..
Thanks for the inspiring comments :-)
Sure.. study, try and leave me the comments:-)