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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Vitamin(Elegurige/Elevarige) Soppu Tambli

1 cup Vitamin leaves / Elegurige(Elevarige) Soppu
3/4 cup grated Coconut
5 Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds (1/4 for Masala + 1/4 for Seasoning)
1.5 - 2 cups Buttermilk
1.5 tsp Ghee
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
Salt to taste
4 - 5 Curry leaves
1 - 2 broken Red Chillies


Separate the leaves, wash the leaves properly and keep it aside.

Put 1 tsp ghee, 1/4 tsp cumin seeds, black pepper in a thick bottomed vessel and heat. Once it turns golden in colour, add Vitamin leaves and fry them for about 4-5 mins in medium flame.

Grind grated coconut, fried Vitamin leaves into smooth paste by adding sufficient amount of water. (If it is frozen coconut, use hot water while grinding.) Add this ground coconut to a vessel. Add buttermilk, salt to the same vessel and mix them well. (If it is yogurt/curd, put it in a mixer for few seconds before adding it to Tambli.)

Put mustard seeds, cumin seeds, red chilly pieces and 1/2 tsp ghee in a pan. Once it starts spluttering, add curry leaves and add it to Tambli. Mix well before serving. It goes well with Rice.


Ecstasy said...

Where is this Soppu available?
Please send details to

How does this taste like?
I am looking for a green leafy vegetable that looks similar to Moringa leaves which is used in Butter milk saaru.

Please do let me know..

Krishnaveni said...

This is grown in our backyard. This leaves does not have much taste or smell. Rich in vitamins.
Moringa leaves are different. That is drumstick leaves and has little bitter in taste but good for health.