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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Genasina(Sweet Potato) Payasa

5 cups chopped Sweet Potato / Genasu
3 cups fresh thick Coconut Milk
2 cups Jaggary
3 - 4 Cardamom / Elakki
Pinch of Salt


Peel the sweet potato and chop them into medium sized thin pieces as shown in the picture below.

Grind 3 cups of fresh/frozen grated coconut into smooth paste by adding little amount of water. (If it is frozen coconut use hot water while grinding.) Squeeze the ground coconut, by placing it in a clean cotton cloth.

After this process, add around 3 cups of water to the squeezed coconut, mix well and squeeze it again. Cook the chopped sweet potato in a vessel by adding this thin coconut milk. Once its cooked, add jaggary, pinch of salt and bring them to boil. Keep this in low/medium flame for about 5 mins.

Add thick coconut milk and bring them to boil. Add mashed cardamom seeds and keep the Payasa in low flame for about 1-2 mins.

Serve it hot or chilled. The above mentioned ingredients will serve around 7 cups of Payasa.

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