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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ghee / Tuppa

3.5 cups Butter

Wash the butter in water for about 2-3 times, drain the water content and keep it aside.

Put this butter in a heavy bottomed vessel and heat. Keep this in high flame until the butter melts completely.

Keep this in low/medium flame and keep stirring the mixture once in 2-3 mins until it is done.(When it starts giving nice aroma and when it becomes transparent as shown in the picture below.) Switch off the flame and keep it aside for 3-4 mins to cool down.

When it is still hot, drain this in a clean cotton cloth to separate the solid particles.

Keep it aside until it comes to room temperature. The above mentioned ingredient will serve around 3 cups of Ghee. 


Vidya said...

is there a way to search for a dish by searching by the name of an ingredient in it, like when I have lot of palak and I am looking at palak variety, can I search by 'palak'?

Tejas Sosale said...

KV - You can add a betel leaf and a ting of haldi. This enhances the flavor me the ghee. You should add it once the butter is melted.

Krishnaveni Nalka said...

@ Vidya,

Yes, you can search for that string/keyword in the Search bar. It will list out all the recipes with that keyword.