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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Musambi(Sweet Lime) Juice

4 Sweet Limes / Musambi
2 cups cold Water
1.5 cups Sugar


Remove the outer skin of sweet limes and separate the florets. Remove seeds of each orange florets as shown in the picture below.

Put sweet lime florets, water, sugar in a mixer/blender and grind it for about 1 min. Filter this musambi juice to get rid of the pulp ingredients. Put ice cubes (if required) and serve. The above mentioned ingredients will serve around 3 cups of Musambi Juice.


Chitra said...

Looks like the one we get in juice stalls :)

Katherine Martinelli said...

Mmmm I haven't had this since I visited India many years ago. It brings me back!

Anonymous said...

Nice,for better results add glucose powder with sugar.