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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kucchulakki Unde / Boiled Rice Dumplings

1.5 cups Boiled Rice / Kucchulakki
1/2 cup grated Coconut
1/2 cup chopped Cucumber (Optional)
Salt to taste

Soak boiled rice in water for about 6-7 hrs. Wash the rice in water for about 2-3 times and it them aside. Peel the cucumber and chop it into medium sized pieces as shown in the picture below. (Remove the seeds if cucumber is ripen.)

Grind soaked rice, cucumber and coconut coarsely by adding sufficient amount of water. Add salt and water. (The consistency of the batter should be like that of milkshake.) Transfer this to a heavy bottomed pan and heat.

Keep stirring the mixture, making sure that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the vessel. Cook this mixture in medium flame for about 30 mins, stirring continuously till solid enough to be rolled into balls.

Transfer this dough to a plate.

Make lemon-sized balls by wetting your hands in water. Place this rice balls in a cooker container, cover one plate, steam cook for about 15 mins in high flame and another 30 mins in medium flame. (For pressure cooker: Don't put the weight, place one steel glass over the weight stand). Instead of pressure cooker a traditional steamer can also be used. Let them cool down a bit before you serve.

Serve them hot with any Sambar or Chutney. The ingredients mentioned above will serve around 20 rice dumplings.


Nisha said...

Loved this recipe. bookmarking this one

sandhya said...

Hi Krishna,
This is really very nice reci,. Please post kotte kadubu for me. I don't know how to prepare. so i want your help.

Thanks yar,


Krishnaveni said...


Here I don't get banana leaves and hence I will post the recipe of Kotte Kadubu once I am back to India....

Vani said...

Hi Veni, If you tried fruit curry , please post it to me ...

sandhya said...

Hi Krishna,
Thx for your replay, this blog is really helpfull for us. sorry for asking when you are comming. if possible i want to meet you.

Krishnaveni said...


No, I haven't tried fruit curry...

Krishnaveni said...


I will update in the blog when I am back to India...:) Sure, we can meet..:)

sandhya said...

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for your replay, sometimes i feel like ur my mom. yake gottunta estu adige na nange amma kuda heli kottilla, mostly ammangu barodilla ansutte. sorry mom anta karedaddu bejar agidre but nev hage ellargu helikodtidira, u r really great, sumne appriciate madtilla nevu adakke arrharu adakke,
nim blog nodidaga nange annisutte eee bhumige bandamele manushya enadaru guruthu bittu hogbekante andre sadhane madabekante nevu hage madta edira, really tumba khushi kodutte nange, nandu basically shimoga marriage agi bangalore bandidhene..ohhh sorry jasti aitansutte sorry bye take care thanx mom

Krishnaveni said...

@ Sandhya,

Thanks for the inspiring comments..:) Thumba kushi aaythu..:)

AntharangadaMaathugalu said...

Hi krishna...

Long time after I hv cm to yr blog.. This dumplings look very delicious and tasty... I will try and let you know... Yr blog is very cute....


shilpa said...

Thanks for the kucchalakki kadubu. Delicious traditional recipe... Please post kucchalakki unde(laddoo or laadu) for me.

jyothi said...

Hi thanks for the recipe. you are on facebook but i could not see any recipes. anyhow thanks once again. best wishes - Jyothi