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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lime Ginger Juice

1/4 Lemon
Small piece of Ginger
Pinch of Pepper powder
3-4 cups cold Water
10-15 tsp Sugar


Add lemon along with its outer skin, ginger, water, sugar, pepper powder in a mixer/blender and grind it for 1 min. Filter this lemon ginger juice to get rid of the pulp ingredients as shown in the picture below.

Put ice cubes (if required) and serve. The speciality of this juice is, it tastes like sugarcane juice!


shankaranarayanabhatm said...

i thought it was bitter ,but it was not . in fact it was very fine.

Madhu said...

I am glad to see ur blog referred by Ravi. Though the photos of food items are mouthwatering, I am unable to comment on the taste unless you send samples of those items!.

Krishnaveni said...

Ha.. Ha..
Thanks for visiting my blog.
If you would have been here I could have given you the samples of these food items!

Anonymous said...

is it musambi or lemon?